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Maximize Performance with Tape Redeployment Services

Tape Redeployment

Do you have older tape in storage that you could use but that needs a bit of maintenance to perform at its best? World Data Products offers tape redeployment to maximize the life and effectiveness of your current, but out-of-use tape library. The result is a tape inventory that is ready for use and improves the overall performance by ensuring timely retrieval of critical data.


Tape redeployment includes:

  • Thorough cleaning of tape cartridges
  • Re-tensioning of magnetic tape media
  • Complete certification of each tape, including end-to-end testing


Protect your assets, maximize your uptime and improve data center performance with tape redeployment  from World Data Products.

To learn more about the tape redeployment services, request a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with a Computer Tape Specialist.

We are a comprehensive tape resource. No matter what your tape-related needs are, the experts at World Data Products can help. Take a look at our capabilities in the menu on the left, and contact us today. How can we help you?


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