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Operations as a Service

OaaS Services from World Data Products

World Data Products offers Operations as a Service for companies that need to add capacity, redundancy, or specific solutions for operational challenges.

As a leading IT hardware and service provider since 1987, we have implemented systems and processes to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Using an ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System, we receive, audit, refurbish (if needed), warehouse, configure, test and ship thousands of orders every month from our secure facility in Minnesota, U.S.A.


How do our services make a difference in your bottom line?

  • You only pay for what you use. Realize cost savings compared to owning or leasing additional warehouse/distribution center space.
  • Lower cost of space, supplies, and labor.
  • Enables your company to focus on customer growth and service (Core Competencies).
  • Increased operational efficiency by utilizing an ISO 9001:2015 certified provider. 


How We Assist Our Clients:


How can we help your business?

If added peace of mind combined with exceptional customer service would be helpful to you right now, use the contact form below or call 888-210-7636 to discuss a custom Operations as a Service solution. See below for sample descriptions of our detailed processes.


Contact us about Receiving


Shifting some or all of your receiving to World Data Products can reduce the amount of labor hours, warehouse space, and leasing cost that you are currently paying. We use the following process:

  • Equipment is unboxed and inspected
  • Visual inspection for cosmetic defects
  • Validation of authenticity and product model
  • Product is received into the ERP system
  • A bar code tag is applied for tracking and quality identification
  • New product is staged for Inventory Control
  • Used product is staged for Audit & Refurbishment Process


Contact us about Technical Auditing

Technical Auditing & Refurbishment

Expand your capabilities by leveraging the experienced technicians and comprehensive Tech Center at World Data Products.

  • Physical inspections
  • Models and serial numbers verified
  • Equipment examined for cosmetic issues or damage
  • Systems are tested with internal diagnostics to meet OEM specifications
  • Parts are individually packed in anti-static bags
  • Product condition noted in the ERP system


Contact us about Inventory Control

Inventory Control

Inventory ControlExpand your capabilities by leveraging Warehouse Services at World Data Products.

  • Storage location defined in warehouse and stored in the ERP system
  • Customer product has dedicated storage area if required
  • Customer product is uniquely tagged for easy identification
  • Bar coded labels used to track all product movement
  • Dedicated cycle counts available as required
  • Video surveillance ensures security of all activity in warehouse

Contact us about Order Processing

Order Processing

Expand your capabilities by leveraging Order Processing services at World Data Products.

  • Order is entered into the ERP system
  • Products allocated to order by model and serial number
  • Order is picked and bar code label is scanned from location in warehouse
  • 1st automated quality check is conducted once the order scan is completed by the picker
  • Order is delivered to hardware technician for review and technical processing


Contact us about Quality Assessment

Technical Quality Assessment

Technical Quality Assessment

Expand your capabilities by leveraging Technical Quality Assessment Services at World Data Products.

  • Certified technician processes order by type
  • Server/chassis orders are built to custom specs and retested for quality control
  • Parts orders are verified for accuracy
  • Accessories are added to the order as required
  • Final order inspection is completed
  • 2nd automated quality check is completed by the ERP system to verify order is complete
  • Packing slip generated
  • Order is staged for Packing and Shipping

Contact us about Packing and Shipping

Packing and Shipping

Packing and Shipping

Expand your capabilities by leveraging Packing and Shipping Services at World Data Products.

  • Final 3rd step in quality assurance is conducted
  • Order is visually inspected and piece count is verified
  • Packer documents any cosmetic issues with the order / “as is”
  • Product is re-cleaned if required to ensure “Factory Fresh” appearance
  • Order is professionally packed
  • Shipper processes using customer’s preferred shipping method or utilizing our deep discounts for freight savings


Contact us about Logistics

Order Administration & Logistics

Expand your capabilities by leveraging Order Administration & Logistics Services at World Data Products.

  • All orders are assigned to dedicated Sales Support Specialists (SSS)
  • Your SSS reviews the order for accuracy and monitors order progress within the ERP system
  • Your SSS arranges the courier or freight shipping method
  • Your SSS provides customer service throughout the process and generates RMAs if needed


Service Level Targets

World Data Products has an ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System and strives to reach the following Service Level Targets:

  • 100% of all listed purchase orders received within 24 hours
  • 100% of all listed customer returns received within 48 hours
  • 100% of all orders entered in to ERP same day
  • 100% of all orders picked accurately as allocated in the ERP system
  • 100% of all orders with on-site stock shipped within 24 hours
  • 100% of all urgent orders with on-site stock received/shippedsame day
  • 100% of all inventory stored accurately managed


Performance Management

World Data Products monitors performance of all internal processes and client services.

  • Continually measure and monitor performance
  • Utilize data to improve customer experience and exceed expectations
  • Current performance measurements include:
  • Process time measurements
  • Receiving accuracy
  • Inventory accuracy
  • Order accuracy
  • Shipping accuracy


Contact us about Security


World Data Products is committed to a strong and proactive approach to security and maintains the following protocols:

  • Secured facility and truck dock
  • Controlled access within the facility
  • Security system including 48 strategically placed high-definition video cameras within all warehouse and shipping areas
  • Proactive communication with our clients
  • Results = reduced product losses and lower product costs overall


Contact us about OaaS Pricing


Each Operations as a Service (OaaS) agreement is priced based on client requirements and service level expectations.

  • Our fees are uniquely designed based on the clients demands and frequency.
  • Flat Rate 5 Tier pricing
  • Based on levels of volume but with flat rate objectives as you start up.
  • Accessorial charges (Specialization / Freight)
  • Volume levels and client Service Level Agreements also formulated for costing


Contact us to get started with OaaS


A customer-focused solution is created and implemented jointly by the client and Operations team at Wold Data Products.

  • Kick off meeting / Tour of facility
  • Project scoping and strategy
  • Statement of Work / Pricing created
  • Discussion to outline the resources required
  • Exploration of preferred communication methods and cadence
  • A timeline is determined with all milestones/goals noted
  • Weekly updates until implementation is complete
  • Volume levels and client Service Level Agreements also formulated for costing


Summary of Operations as a Service (OaaS) at World Data Products

World Data Products is committed to your success!
We take pride in our work and commit to high quality standards that will be demonstrated by:

  • Highly accurate product and order processing
  • Exceptional customer service throughout the process
  • Expedient delivery to all your requirements



Request more information or a consultation about Operations as a Service.
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