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Total data eradication without shredding or incineration

Total Data Eradication by Volser

Keeping corporate and customer data secure is critical for today’s enterprise organization. When it comes to magnetic tape media, total data eradication by Volser is the only way to guarantee that sensitive data has been completely erased. Different styles of tape media require specific erasure methods to achieve total data eradication including:

  • Degaussing - Degaussable media should be degaussed with a minimum of 4000 Oersteds (Oe). DLT media must be degaussed multiple times to ensure complete eradication.
  • Complete Tape Rewrite - High density media utilizing factory-written servo track technology requires a complete tape rewrite, which can take up to two hours per tape.
  • Read and Write Testing - Full length tape read-and-write testing is the only way to guarantee that all data has been completely erased from magnetic media.

The World Data Products Difference

At World Data Products, we are relentless in providing our customers total data eradication based on industry-leading tape erasure best practices and a commitment to ensuring total data security through the eradication process. While some companies simply run tape cartridges through a degausser, rewrite portions of a tape, or wipe out the header track and call the data in question “erased,” World Data Products uses industry-leading erasure practices to ensure total data eradication and provides a final archive document that details the date, location, and eradication procedure for each Volser number.

Our Data Eradication Process employs secure and unprecedented safeguards and redundancies that ensure all of your sensitive data is safely and securely eradicated. With more than 350 original equipment manufacturer (OEM) drives in our 18,000 square foot controlled access state-of-the-art data center, we are able to quickly and completely remove the data from used magnetic media tape. Once the data eradication process is complete, each tape is read from end-to-end to guarantee that all data has been safely and permanently erased.

Confirmed Data Eradication

Once your data has been securely destroyed, World Data Products will provide:

  • A detailed Statement of Work that documents the entire data eradication process
  • A CD that confirms the VOLSER audit results
  • A letter certifying total data eradication
  • A DVD documenting the entire data eradication process (optional)

These documents provide a detailed archival of the data eradication process for future reference for your legal or IT Security teams.

To learn more about the Total Data Eradication Process by Volser, request a no-obligation consultation with a Computer Tape Specialist.

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