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Secure Data Transportation

High Security Transportation Services for Critical Data

Secure transportation is an essential part of data security during the total data eradication process. World Data Products recognizes the importance of data security during the transfer of media to our secure facility for erasure. To make the process as secure as possible and to provide you with peace of mind, a team of World Data Products employees will bar-code and scan every tape before it leaves your facility in a locked and GPS-enabled truck.

Upon arrival at our facility, media will be barcode scanned for verification and then isolated in a high-security staging area while we await confirmation to proceed with erasure. After the total data eradication process is complete, we will provide a certified letter of data eradication and confirmation by Volser number.


To learn more about the secure transportation services for your critical data, request a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with a Transportation Logistics Specialist.

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