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Whether you are looking to sell a used Dell server, or buy refurbished Dell servers, World Data Products is your trusted source for new and refurbished IT hardware. Our IT Asset Recovery program takes in used Dell servers. Then, we test every component before offering refurbished servers for sale with a warranty. We stock many models of Dell rackmount servers in 1U, 2U, and 4U form factors. Do you need a third party maintenance program with next business day replacement? We can do that too! Contact us today for the best prices on Dell rack mount, tower, or blade servers.

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  1. Dell PowerEdge M710 PEM710 E5630 2.66GHz, 4M cache 8GB
  2. Dell PowerEdge M710 PEM710 E5645 2.4GHz, 12MB 6C 8GB
  3. Dell PowerEdge M710 PEM710 E5649 2.53GHz 12MB 6C  8GB
  4. Dell PowerEdge M710 PEM710 X5650 2.66GHz 12MB 6C 8GB
  5. Dell PowerEdge M710 PEM710 X5660 2.8GHz 12MB 6C 8GB
  6. Dell PowerEdge M710 PEM710 X5670 2.9GHz 12MB 6C 8GB
  7. Dell PowerEdge M710 PEM710 X5680 3.0GHz 12MB 6C 8GB
  8. Dell PowerEdge M710 PEM710 X5690 3.46GHz 12MB 6C 8GB
  9. Dell PowerEdge M710HD PEM710HD E5502 1.86GHz, 4M cache 8GB
  10. Dell PowerEdge M710 PEM710HD E5504 2.00GHz, 4M cache 8GB
  11. Dell PowerEdge M710 PEM710HD L5506 2.13GHz, 4M cache 8GB
  12. Dell PowerEdge M710 PEM710HD E5506 2.13GHz, 4M cache 8GB
  13. Dell PowerEdge M710 PEM710HD L5520 2.26GHz, 8M cache 8GB
  14. Dell PowerEdge M710 PEM710HD E5520 2.26GHz, 8M cache 8GB
  15. Dell PowerEdge M710 PEM710HD E5530 2.40GHz, 8M cache 8GB

Items 46 to 60 of 144 total

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