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World Data Products sells Cisco UCS RAM server memory including DIMMs and other modules. When looking for a full-service reseller of new and used Cisco UCS memory, processors or other server components, World Data Products is the new and refurbished IT hardware leader you can trust.

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  1. Cisco UCS-ML-1X324RY-A 32 GB DDR3-1600-MHz LRDIMM/PC3-12800/4R/x4/1.35V
  2. Cisco UCS-MR-1X162RY-A 16 GB DDR3-1600-MHz RDIMM/PC3-12800/2R/x4/1.35V
  3. Cisco UCS-MR-1X162RZ-A 16 GB DDR3-1866-MHz RDIMM PC3-14900/2R/x4/1.5V
  4. Cisco UCS-MR-1X082RY-A 8 GB DDR3-1600-MHz RDIMM/PC3-12800/2R/x4/1.35V
  5. Cisco UCS-MR-1X082RX-A 8 GB DDR3-1333-MHz RDIMM/PC3-10600/2R/x4/1.35v
  6. Cisco UCS-MR-1X082RZ-A 8 GB DDR3-1866-MHz RDIMM/PC3-14900/2R/x4/1.5V
  7. Cisco UCS-MR-1X041RY-A 4 GB DDR3-1600-MHz RDIMM/PC3-12800/1R/x4/1.35V

7 Item(s)

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