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Used Servers VS. Refurbished Servers

Used servers, refurbished servers— Are they the same thing?

There can be a big difference between used servers and refurbished servers. If you’re planning on buying a refurbished server, quality levels can vary wildly.

While all refurbished servers can be considered used gear, not all used equipment will have gone through the rigorous testing and passed the exacting standards assigned to servers that are classified as “refurbished.” In short, with “used” gear, there is no way to guarantee that a server has been cleaned or tested at all.

So, how can someone looking to buy used servers tell the difference?

Ask questions. Specifically, you may want to ask where the servers came from and what testing, cleaning, and repair activities have been completed. Quality refurbished servers undergo a multi-step process to test server functionality, performance, and addresses any deficiencies that have been identified.

Quality IT hardware companies are proud to tell you about the care and precision used to test and configure refurbished servers and will welcome your questions. In addition, World Data Products will sell server upgrades, extended maintenance plans, and offer repair services as well.

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