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  • Sell Used Cisco Equipment Today

    Sell Used Cisco Equipment TodayDid you know that there's an active market for your used Cisco networking equipment? It's true. You can sell that stack of surplus or used Cisco routers, switches, or firewalls to World Data Products!

    IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) has never been easier. Plus, if the hardware still has value, your company can make money with our networking hardware buyback program.

    Updated for 2019 - We are currently seeing a lot of buying and selling activity for the following used Cisco Catalyst switch models: 2960 and 2960x, 3560, C3560x, C3750g, the 3750 and the newer 3850. 2900 series routers, and Adaptive Security Appliance firewalls such as the ASA 5505 and ASA 5506 are popular as well.

    Ready to sell your surplus or used Cisco equipment today? Here's what you need to do:

    1. Make a list of all the networking equipment you want to sell. The more detailed your list is with part numbers, the faster we can respond with an accurate offer. Include the entire Cisco part number when possible, for example: WS-C2960X-48FPS-L
    2. Fill out our contact form to sell hardware and a Cisco Networking Specialist will get in touch with you to review your list.

    It's that simple. Whether the package is a few switches or an entire data center, World Data Products will make the process of selling your hardware a breeze!

    Call 888-210-7636 or use the form to contact a Cisco Networking Specialist today!

  • Selling surplus IT hardware in 2019?

    Is it time to sell surplus or decommissioned IT hardware?

    Surplus IT Hardware We'll send the truck for used servers and networking equipment!

    We can help!

    World Data Products buys used switches and routers, servers, storage arrays and enclosures, computer tape, drives, and entire tape libraries. For nearly thirty years, we have been helping organizations capture more return on investment from IT assets. Companies sell server hardware to World Data Products because we make the IT Asset Disposition process easy!

    Here is how it works:

    Click here to send your equipment list in our contact form. Please include as much detail as possible regarding quantities and configuration. After a quick review, we will send an offer or contact you with any questions. Once there is an agreement on the equipment list and package price, we coordinate and pay for shipping to our facility.

    We buy used servers, networking equipment, and storage from many brands including Cisco, Dell, HP, UCS, IBM, Super Micro, EMC, NetApp, Arista Networks and others. We also buy and sell IP phones, wireless access points and controllers.

    Looking to buy something more current? Need it fast? Our extensive inventory enables us to receive orders and sell server configurations that can ship same day.

    Whether the package is a few servers or an entire data center, World Data Products will make the process of selling your surplus servers or used networking equipment a breeze!

    We are seeing a lot of buying and selling activity in used Cisco Catalyst switches and routers including the ASA 5505, 5506, 2960x, 3560, C3560x, C3750 and 3850 models. Used servers by Dell, HP, IBM and UCS arrive at the dock regularly. After a thorough testing and cleaning process, they ship out as a refurbished, custom-configured server.

    To discuss selling IT hardware to World Data Products, use our contact form  or call us at 888-210-7636 today!

  • How to Sell Used Networking Equipment

    photo of used Cisco switchesDid you know that you can sell your used networking equipment? Of course you did, that's why you're here!

    It's true, you can, and it's not even difficult. Your department has used or decommissioned networking equipment in the data center that you want to sell because your IT department knows how to get a greater return on investment. Plus, every few years you refresh the Cisco rack with new or refurbished switches and routers, and paying an electronics recycling service to dispose of network hardware that still has value is potentially expensive and wasteful.

    It's easy to sell used Cisco or other networking equipment, especially when you work with a company that has thirty years experience in ITAD (IT Asset Disposition). Here is what you need to know:

    That's it!

    Questions? Call 888-210-7636 or contact one of our IT Asset Disposition Specialists today for a free consultation.

  • Dispose of Your Network Hardware for Free

    Dispose of Your Network Hardware for FreeAt some point during your career as a networking professional you will face the question of what to do with your old networking equipment. Many IT pros wind up paying an electronics recycling company to take away their old gear instead of handling the disposal themselves. Doing so provides ensures that the old gear goes away quickly, but electronics disposal can be quite expensive, making it an unattractive option from a financial perspective.

    What if I told you that there is another option and that it won’t cost you a penny and that you could make money on the deal? I imagine that you would assume that I am joking or that there was some kind of catch. In reality, I’m quite serious—you can dispose of your old networking equipment and make money in the process.

    Would you be interested? Of course, you would—what networking professional wouldn’t be?

    Today we are going to explore the idea of selling your used networking equipment rather than paying someone to haul it away.  Yes, I just suggested that you sell your old switches, routers and firewalls. Here’s why: When you sell your old networking gear rather than paying for it to be recycled, you’re keeping those electronics out of a landfill. At the same time, you’re giving another company the chance to buy the legacy networking equipment that they need. The reseller will pay you for your old gear—sometimes even if some of it is broken if they want to use it for parts—and you no longer have to worry about what to do with it.

    Are you wondering if selling your old networking equipment is safe?

    This is a very common question. Yes, selling your old networking equipment to a reputable third party reseller is very safe. You can ask the reseller to wipe out any sensitive information contained on your system (although this will usually cost you something) or simply remove any components you feel necessary and sell all of the rest of the system components instead. The choice is yours and you should choose whichever option makes you feel the most confident about your decision to sell rather than pay for disposal.

    Wondering about how to go about selecting a reseller partner?

    The key is to look for an established and reputable company that treats its customers well. Ask colleagues and co-workers for feedback on a particular company's business practices. Check out user forums and spend some time reading customer reviews. Ask the reseller for references, preferably in your industry. Visit the Better Business Bureau website and check out how the company has handled any reported disputes. Trust your gut. If a reseller balks at giving you references or gives you the run around in any way during the sales process, move on. Remember, a company will never treat you better than when you are a new potential client.

    Curious about selling your used switches and routers, but unsure of where to begin?  Check out How to Sell Used Networking Equipment for some pointers.

    Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed learning how to dispose of your used networking hardware for free--and how to make a little money in the process.

    To learn more about how to sell your used networking equipment and avoid paying a disposal company to haul your it away, call 888-210-7636 or contact one of our IT Hardware Specialists today for a free consultation.

  • How to Sell Used Cisco Equipment

    How to Sell Used Cisco EquipmentDid you realize that there's a market for your used Cisco equipment? It's true. Today's enterprise organization is looking for ways to stretch its IT budget and a powerful way to do this is by buying and implementing used networking equipment rather than buying new. If you have used Cisco networking equipment to get rid of, that means you could be sitting on a pile of money you didn't even know about.

    What is the value of your used Cisco gear? Thie first step to selling your used Cisco equipment is to get a realistic idea of its current market value. Keep in mind that newer used gear will bring a higher asking price, but even legacy equipment can be sold at a decent price, provided that the gear is in working condition.

    If you're wondering how to go about getting an accurate idea of what your used Cisco equipment is worth, you're in luck! Here are the three steps you will need to complete before you consider selling your gear:

    • Create a detailed inventory of all the Cisco equipment you wish to sell.
    • Do some research online to find out what each piece you want to sell is currently going for.
    • Get at least two or three quotes on your gear from reputable rsellers to get a sense of the going rate on each piece of equipment.
    How do I choose a Cisco equipment reseller partner? Choosing the right equipment reseller can directly affect your experience with selling your used gear. Choose the wrong organization and you could find yourself getting the runaround when it comes to getting a bid for your gear or in securing payment. On the flip side, choosing a reliable reseller can make the selling and payment process a breeze. Here's what I recommend you do for each potential reseller partner that you are considering.
    • Ask questions. The only way to get information on an organization's hardware recycling practices and it's handling of sensitive data is by asking. If you get any resistance to answering your questions or get a noncommittal answer, take your business elsewhere.
    • Ask for references. Any reputable organization should be able to provide you with references that you can call for input. Moreover, any credible organization should be willing to provide references. Beware any organization that gives you the run around about asking for references.
    • Shipping. Find out how your potential reseller partner handles the shipment of your used Cisco equipment. Will your organization be required to transport the used gear to the reseller's location? If so, do you have the packaging and facilities to handle such a requirement? Or will the reseller send a truck to pick up your equipment and do they have packaging materials that they will bring to your location to pack up and ship the gear safely? Do you need to ship your gear using a specific freight carrier or shipping method? Knowing these details at the outset will help you compare potential reseller partners side-by-side.
    • What if some of your gear is bad? Once you ship your gear to your reseller partner, they will conduct an initial audit of each piece of equipment to ensure it's good before they cut you a check. What happens they determine that some or all of your used Cisco networking equipment is bad? Find out how the company identifies "bad" units, what testing procedures are completed on those units and how you will be notified. Will the reseller attempt to fix broken equipment for a small fee? Do you need to pay for disposal of the defunct units? How does the reseller dispose of bad gear?

    Questions? Call 888-210-7636 or contact one of our IT Hardware Specialists today for a free consultation.

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