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How to Choose a Used Network Equipment Reseller

How to Choose a Used Network Equipment ResellerChoosing the right--or wrong--used network equipment reseller can make a big difference in the success of your used hardware initiative. Choosing incorrectly often results in an a situation where you swear off buying used gear for the rest of your career. When purchased from a reputable reseller, used networking hardware can be as easy to use as new gear while saving a considerable amount of your organization's IT budget. Based on this alone, you can see that choosing the right reseller partner is critical.

So, how do you sift through the many resellers in the market place and choose one that will provide high quality product for your organization? So glad that you asked! Here's a list of guidelines to consider as you start your search:

Question: Are they selling used networking equipment or refurbished networking equipment? This one is a biggie, so make sure you ask. Once you start looking at network hardware resellers, you're going to be offered a lot of second-hand gear in a variety of conditions. Some will simply be called "used" while others will be called "refurbished" or "certified used." The main difference between these conditions is this: while all used, refurbished and certified used networking equipment has been owned by someone else, only refurbished gear has been reset to meet the original factory settings and specifications. (Certified used gear might also have been reset to the original factory settings too, particularly if it is certified used by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). If it's "certified used" by a third party reseller, be sure that they have the ability to certify that particular manufacturer's equipment. If not, "certified used" is just another fancy way of saying refurbished.) Need more detail on the differences in condition? Check out this blog: 7 Differences Between Used and Refurbished IT Equipment.

Question: What's the reseller's reputation in the market place? Asking around amongst your colleagues and doing some online research can get you "the inside scoop" on how a reseller treats its customers, on the quality of its products, and on how the company handles issues with its products and services, should they arise. By checking these sources, you are likely to get an idea of what the organization would be like to work with. Keep in mind that you are likely to hear both positive and negative feedback, but the goal is to watch for trends that you should be aware of as you make your decision.

Question: What is the reseller's guarantee on refurbished products? Warranties and other performance guarantees vary from reseller to reseller, so be sure to ask for the details from any reseller you are considering purchasing from. Refuse to purchase refurbished networking gear that does not come with some sort of warranty or performance guarantee. Quality resellers will stand behind their work with a warranty so that you are covered in case you need it.

Question: What is the reseller's stock availability? It might not seem like a big deal at first blush, but knowing that your reseller partner has networking equipment in their inventory can ensure that you get the product you need as quickly as possible. Aside from how quickly a company can get you the products you need, resellers that do not keep networking equipment on hand are sourcing from larger companies that do which means another round of markups and higher prices. Cut out the middle man and deal directly with the company that stocks the products to ensure that you get the best possible prices AND order fulfillment times.

Question: Are custom configurations part of the sale price? Depending on what you are ordering, you might require that a refurbished system be configured to meet your networks current settings. Knowing whether those custom configurations are part of the product sale price is essential if you want to keep your budget in line.

Choosing the right used network equipment reseller doesn't have to be difficult--it simply requires that you ask the right questions before you make your selection. By asking questions early on in the process, you are more likely to partner with the organization that will best meet your needs.

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