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Cisco Networking Third Party Maintenance Alternative

Wishing you had a more cost-effective alternative to Cisco Smart Net maintenance? Most IT departments want a plan that includes next business day replacement, or at the very least, a spare unit on the shelf. However, many people are surprised when they learn how much of their budget goes to maintain networking equipment after purchase with a Cisco Smart Net maintenance contract. What you may not know is that third party maintenance (TPM) coverage can supplement or replace your Cisco Smart Net coverage at a fraction of the cost—and, without having to sacrifice network performance and reliability.

Third party network maintenance offers considerable savings versus original equipment manufacturer (OEM) maintenance plans. The number one reason that a company would entertain the idea of using a third party maintenance company is because of the significant savings TPM offers over OEM plans. TPM offers all of the same features and coverage benefits as OEM maintenance, but at a significant discount. This means you get all of the performance and reliability you require at about half the cost (or less) of buying OEM coverage.

Third party network maintenance usually covers products not covered by OEM maintenance. Network equipment manufacturers want you to upgrade to their newest equipment as soon as they declare a product line to be “end of life.” The result is that as your equipment ages, it becomes less likely that the OEM will support it. Fortunately, third party maintenance providers can be much more flexible with the networking equipment they will cover. Choosing a third party maintenance plan can help you extend the life and value of your IT assets.

Third party network maintenance is not an all or nothing proposition.  It is often the case that you do not have to choose between OEM coverage or third party maintenance. The OEM would prefer that you only use their coverage, but most TPMs have no problem running their coverage alongside the OEM’s plan. In fact, many OEMs outsource a portion of their network hardware maintenance to third party maintenance companies.

Third party network hardware maintenance agreements are an excellent way to lower the total cost of ownership without sacrificing reliability of your network.

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