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Choosing a Refurbished IT Hardware Reseller

Choosing a Refurbished IT Hardware ResellerOnce you've decided to purchase refurbished servers, storage or networking equipment rather than buying new, it’s essential that you select the right refurbished hardware reseller to be your vendor partner.

Who you select as your source for refurbished hardware will directly impact your experience with using refurbished gear and you don’t want the substantial benefits of buying refurbished to sour based solely on the supplier. So, it’s important to do your homework and know who you’re buying from.

Wondering what questions to ask? No problem—we’ve got you covered. To successfully select a refurbished IT hardware reseller, you need to consider their:

  • Experience and reputation in the marketplace.
  • Technical staff and their qualifications and certifications.
  • Commitment to product quality.

Experience and reputation. When it comes to buying refurbished IT hardware, who you choose to do business with is just as important as the kind of hardware you buy—sometimes even more important. You see, the equipment brand and model you buy will likely be the same regardless of where you buy it—for example, if you’re in the market for Cisco networking equipment that’s what you’ll buy from whichever vendor you decide on. However, the quality of that Cisco networking equipment could vary wildly depending on where you purchase it. Likewise, the warranty and commitment to quality could vary depending on which reseller you choose. With this in mind, it’s critical that you understand who you are doing business with. What is the company’s experience with your brand of refurbished hardware? How long have they been in business? What is there reputation in the marketplace?

Technical staff and qualifications. Ever wondered who might have worked on the refurbished hardware you intend on buying? If not, you should. To ensure you receive a quality refurbished product, ask potential reseller partners about their technical staff and their qualifications. Are they graduates from a technical or vocational school? Are they certified by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)? How long have they worked for the reseller? And then there’s the question of the reseller’s sales staff. How long have they been with the company? Have they worked with your preferred product line before? Are they focused on your organization’s needs and how they can help meet them, or are they simply interested in closing a deal? Can they make recommendations on other solutions that will meet your requirements but offer you additional benefits (e.g. lower cost, better features, etc.)? Do they hold any certifications or industry-related awards Most importantly, do you trust them?

Commitment to product quality. This is where the rubber meets the road. It doesn’t matter how experienced a company is or how many certifications their technical staff holds, if the organization doesn’t have a clear commitment to product quality—and ultimately, to your satisfaction—you’re going to have a tough time making a successful go of buying and implementing refurbished IT hardware. Does the company you are considering have a published quality statement? Do they stand behind the products they sell? And in the event of an issue with the gear you buy from them, who do you need to call to get the situation straightened out? If a potential reseller partner does not have a clear commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction, look elsewhere.

Buying refurbished IT hardware is a great way to maximize your department’s IT hardware budget and choosing a reseller partner doesn’t have to be a challenge. By asking the right questions when selecting a partner, you can easily identify the best reseller partner for your organization.

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