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  1. Our Lead Time for IT Hardware is NOW

    IT Hardware in stock in Word Data Products Warehouse

    In Stock and Ready to Ship

    IT professionals are faced with unprecedented delays for new hardware. The wait for new products can even be more than a year. What about getting more out of existing hardware? Optimization isn’t always enough, sometimes you need additional equipment to keep your network growing, accessible and safe. World Data Products has over 270,000 server and networking systems and components in stock, ready to ship. In-stock inventory means our lead time is now.

    Use our Request For Quote Form or give one of our Networking Experts a call at 888-210-7636.

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  2. World Data Products Offers Operations as a Service (OaaS)

    Need A Little Extra Help?

    It’s a challenging business environment, maybe we can help. World Data Products offers Operations as a Service (OaaS) for companies that need to add capacity, redundancy, or specific solutions for operational challenges.

    If added peace of mind combined with exceptional customer service would be helpful to you right now, learn more about our services here, use the chat, or call us at 888-210-7636 to discuss a custom Operations as a Service solution.


    World Data Products offers Operations as a Service (OaaS)
    World Data Products offers Operations as a Service (OaaS) for companies that need to add capacity, redundancy, or specific solutions for operational challenges.


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  3. World Data Products Releases 2022 Tape Buyback Models List

    Backup Tape Media Buyback List

    tape_buyback_list 2022 Used and Surplus Tape Buyback List


    We are currently looking for the following models of used or surplus new tape. Please provide your contact information using this form and we will get in touch to discuss your disposal or data eradication requirements. More information regarding our Tape Services and available inventory is here.

    We buy tapes made by many manufacturers including Dell, Fuji, HP, IBM, Imation, Maxell, Quantum, Sony, TDK, & Verbatim. We are looking for the following models, see the complete buyback list with part numbers here.

    If your department's data security policy doesn't allow for erasure or to sell used tape, we have other options including onsite or offsite data destruction by shredding. More information on our data destruction programs here. Other Questions? Call 888-210-7636 or contact one of our IT Hardware Specialists today for a free consultation.

    T10000 T2 5TB
    T10000 T1 500GB
    T-10000 Tape Cleaning Cartridge
    C7978A HP LTO Universal Cleaning Cartridge

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  4. Asset Recovery | Where to Sell IT Equipment

    Selling Used Server And Networking Equipment In 2022

    Asset Recovery with World Data ProductsAsset Recovery is easy with World Data Products!


    We can help!

    Every ITAD professional knows that asset recovery and electronics recycling are key to managing IT assets. That is why World Data Products is your first stop to sell networking, servers, and other aspects of IT Asset Disposition. We buy used switches and routers, servers, storage arrays and enclosures, hard drives, computer tape, and entire tape libraries. For over thirty years, we have been helping organizations capture more return on investment from IT assets. Companies sell server hardware to World Data Products because we make the IT Asset Disposition process easy!

    Here is how it works:

    Click here to send your equipment list in our contact form. Please include as much detail as possible regarding quantities and configuration. After a quick review, we will send an offer or contact you with any questions. Once there is an agreement on the equipment list and package price, we coordinate and pay for shipping to our facility.

    We buy used servers, networking equipment, and storage from many brands including Cisco, Dell, HP, UCS, IBM, SuperMicro, EMC, NetApp, Arista Networks and others. We also buy and sell IP phones, wireless access points and controllers.

    Looking to buy something more current? Need it fast? Our extensive inventory enables us to receive orders and sell server configurations that can ship same day.

    Whether the package

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  5. IT Hardware Repairs

    World Data Products Makes IT Hardware Repair Easy!

    World Data Products has a full-service technical center to repair servers, storage, and networking equipment by manufacturers including Cisco, Dell, HP, IBM, UCS, EMC, NetApp and others.

    WDPI has a full-service technical repair center World Data Products has a full-service technical repair center

    How does our customer-friendly process streamline the repair experience?

    1. Contact us with the defective part numbers and a description of the problem.

    2. We will send an estimate with pricing and a repair number.

    3. Once the estimate has been accepted, pack up the gear, write the repair number on the box, and ship the package to World Data Products.


    What Happens Next?

    • If there is any discrepancy between the estimate and the hardware received, we will contact you before any work is performed.
    • Our technicians will repair your items and ship them back on time!

    Why World Data Products?

    Trust the company that has been selling and repairing IT hardware since 1987. We have highly-trained, experienced technicians that can repair at the component level. And, our facility is certified with an ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.


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  6. Data Center Services

    A single-source provider of data destruction, erasure, and migration services.

    Data Center Services

    World Data Products is a single-source solution provider with data destruction, erasure, and migration services. On-site or off-site, our data center services will help you comply with your security requirements, environmental policy, or simply help get rid of surplus or decommissioned hardware.

    Our comprehensive data services include:

    • Erasure of tapes and hard drives for recycling or reuse

    • Total data eradication by volser for tape cartridges

    • Data destruction & shredding for traditional HDD and solid state drives (SSD)

    • Data migration to other formats

    • Secure transportation and relocation

    • Packing and crating

    • Site decommissioning

    • Logistics

    • Lock boxes for secure off-site destruction

    • E-waste recycling and disposal for end of life servers and networking hardware

    Moving to the cloud?

    We will also provide certificates of recycling or a certificate of data eradication for your records. Is your department finishing a virtualization project? Moving applications the cloud? Let us know how we can help solve your hardware or transportation logistics challenges.

    Call 888-210-7636 or contact a Data Services Specialist to discuss your project today.

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  7. Need Repair Service for the Cisco ASR 9000 Series?

    Cisco ASR 9000 Series Aggregation Router Repairs

    World Data Products is your test/repair resource for cards and components in the Cisco ASR 9000 Series Aggregation Services Routers. Our repair department has a Cisco ASR9010 router chassis as a platform to test and repair line cards, power supplies, and fans. We work on Trident-based, Typhoon-based, and Tomahawk-based line cards. Need help identifying which type of Ethernet line card you have? Check this page on Cisco’s support website or contact us with questions.

    photo of a Cisco ethernet router for data centers
    Here is a small sampling of Cisco ASR 9000 feature cards and power supplies that we troubleshoot and repair
    Cisco Part Number Description
    PWR-6KW-AC-V3 AC power supply 6000W
    PWR-3KW-AC-V2 AC power supply 3000W
    ASR9010-FAN FAN TRAY 2 per Chassis
    ASR-9010-FAN V2 FAN TRAY 2 per Chassis
    A9K-MOD160-SE Mod160 Modular Line Card
    A9K-40GE-SE 40-Port GE Line Card
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  8. What is Total Data Eradication?

    How To Get Quality Certified Tape Assistance

    Are you considering Certified Computer Tape for your organization and wondering how a tape reseller can guarantee that all of the sensitive data has been removed? Or, perhaps you are looking to sell old computer tape and want to be confident that your data will be eradicated before the tape is resold. The answer is Total Data Eradication.

    What is Total Data Eradication and what does it involve? 

    Total data eradication is a comprehensive data removal process used by the most qualified tape services companies to erase information. It's important to recognize that not all tape resellers use the total data eradication method to ensure that tapes are in like-new condition. Total data eradication is a multi-step process that includes the following steps:

    Onsite tape audit.

    The total data eradication process starts with an onsite audit of Volser numbers on the tapes you wish to sell. A list of audited tapes is compared with the list of tapes you intend to sell and wipe clean to ensure there aren't any discrepancies. Once the reseller is certain that they have the right tapes, they transport those tapes in a secure truck or shipping container back to the warehouse. Tapes that are waiting to be destroyed are kept in a safe and secure location until they are ready to go through the data eradication process.

    Warehouse tape audit.

    Once the tapes arrive at the reseller's warehouse, they are audited a second time to ensure that all tapes are accounted for and that only the right tapes are scheduled to have their data destroyed. The second audit list is sent to the client for data eradication approval. Once approval is received, the data eradication process begins.

    Tape overwriting.

    Many of today's high-tech tapes cannot be degaussed (erased) to remove data. Instead, these tapes are overwritten

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  9. Product Spotlight: T10K-T2 (T10000) Tapes

    The Value of Tape Backup

    As data storage continues to evolve, a technology in use for decades continues to provide the most economical and robust archival storage per gigabyte. Yes, backup tape media! One tape model in particular is getting a lot of attention this year and that is the T10K-T2. Also known as T10000 T2, these tapes boast an 8.5 TB maximum capacity and an outstanding archival life of 30 years.


    Certified T10k Tape Certified T10k Tape from World Data Products


    Certified tapes provide a great value in the storage market and World Data Products has two models of certified T10K-T2 tapes in stock, the 7106219 and 003-5366-01. Let us know what your tape storage needs are. To get in touch or to request a quote for T10K-T2 tapes, visit our quote page and send us a note.

    World Data Products guarantees that every certified tape will be free of permanent and gross errors. Learn more about our certified tape process here.


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  10. Choosing Third Party Maintenance

    Choosing Third Party MaintenanceCost-Saving Solutions for Third Party Maintenance

    What's the number one difference between a maintenance plan offered by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and one offered by a third party maintenance (TPM) company? Not sure? I will give you a hint: It’s flat and it’s green and you keep it in your wallet.

    Yes—money. The biggest difference between OEM and third party maintenance programs is the cost. Most maintenance plans for servers and networking equipment offered by TPM companies will look and feel exactly like an OEM plan. In fact, OEMs often use TPM companies to fulfill their IT hardware service contracts only they charge you much higher rates than the TPM company would if you did business with them directly. Clearly third party maintenance is an excellent cost-saving option for today’s enterprise organization.

    Are you wondering how to go about choosing a third party maintenance company? Questions you should ask potential TPM partners include:

    • Are your technicians OEM certified? Reputable TPM companies utilize technicians that are OEM certified on the equipment they service. Don’t assume that your TPM uses certified technicians—ask.

    • What types of coverage do you offer? Most TPM companies offer maintenance programs that mirror what the OEM is offering. Some will offer completely customized solutions as well—so if you don’t see a program that will meet your organization’s needs, be sure to ask if they can customize a program for you. Even some refurbished IT hardware can be covered by OEM and third party plans.

    • What’s included in my maintenance plan? Clarify the specifics of each plan you are considering and what services might cost extra. If a server fails, will it be replaced with the same equipment—or better? Will the replacement parts be new or refurbished?

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