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Why Buy Refurbished IT Hardware?

The decision to purchase refurbished servers, storage and networking equipment comes down to one thing: improved return on your IT hardware investment. Buying refurbished gear allows you to fully leverage your IT budget without sacrificing quality, reliability or performance. Refurbished IT hardware is inspected, cleaned, tested and brought back to original factory specifications, offering unparalleled value, equipment quality and availability to the organizations savvy enough to use it. Refurbished IT hardware provides:

Exceptional Value

Refurbished IT hardware:

  • Costs less than new hardware.
  • Provides the same level of performance and reliability as comparable new equipment.
  • Stretches your IT budget, allowing you to focus on more strategic IT initiatives.
  • Extends the useable life of your data center hardware by two or more years, fully leveraging your IT hardware investment.
  • Empowers you to choose when to upgrade your servers, storage, and networking equipment rather than being forced to upgrade by the manufacturer at end-of-life.


Refurbished IT hardware:

  • Is cleaned, tested and restored to original factory settings.
  • Is tested multiple times throughout refurbishment process, ensuring component reliability.
  • Performs as well as or better than comparable new gear.


Refurbished IT hardware:

  • Eliminates lengthy lead times often experienced when buying from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).
  • Makes equipment deemed end-of-life by the OEM readily available.
  • Allows you to extend or repair legacy gear without a forced upgrade.


Why Should You Buy Refurbished IT Hardware from World Data Products?

With thirty years of experience in the refurbished IT hardware industry, we are a leader in sourcing and selling quality refurbished servers, storage and networking equipment. We set the standard when it comes to quality IT hardware at exceptional prices and consistent, personalized service. Our extensive inventory enables us to receive orders and sell server configurations that can ship same day.

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From Our Satisfied Customers

“Perhaps leading some of the charge, but under the prudent banner of 40- 60% capex savings is   (and in some ways the most aptly named) World Data Products. Their key deliverable is extending lifecycle for the low, mid- and hi-end server range by at least two years, from three to five years, bringing amortisation savings of some 40% minimum.” - Ptak, Noel & Associates

“The caliber of vendors in the refurbished market can vary widely, and the best way to know what you're getting is to check the resumes of the technical staffers. We've relied on World Data Products heavily to ensure things work.” Paul Smith, Major Airline

“In addition to the considerable financial advantages, one of the most important benefits was World Data’s operational ability to deliver our hardware immediately. Furthermore, they actually pre-configured the equipment in their own labs, so almost all we had to do was take the equipment out of the box and plug it in, requiring minimal local configuration. This saved us valuable time in getting our projects up and running,”  - Karen H., Communication Technology Service Provider