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Hardware Lifecycle Management:


Repairing existing systems and components extends the life of existing IT infrastructure and leverages your IT budget for maximum return on investment. Repairing equipment can offer savings of up to 80% compared to purchasing new equipment, without sacrificing reliability or performance.


World-Class Repair Department

World Data Products is your one-stop repair shop for leading IT hardware platforms including: Cisco, IBM (iSeries, pSeries, xSeries), Sun, HP (9000, Itanium, Proliant), Dell, and more. Our trained technicians repair network and server components, as well as workstations, printers, and personal computers. 

All equipment received by our Repair Department undergoes comprehensive physical inspection and diagnostic testing, parts replacement and upgrades as needed, and final testing and quality inspection.

We offer:

  • 90-day guarantee on all repairs. Extended guarantees available.
  • Trained repair technicians following ISO 9001:2008 quality control standards.
  • Free estimates.
  • No bench fees.
  • Free disposal of non-repairable items.
  • Express Repair Service where all repairs are completed within 5 days.
  • Overnight shipments to anywhere in the world.

Learn more about our world-class Parts and Repair Process.

To learn more about our Hardware Lifecycle Management process, call 1-888-210-7636 to speak with an IT Hardware Specialist or request a complimentary, no-obligation IT hardware consultation.