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Hardware Lifecycle Management:

Purchase or Lease

Once you have a plan in place for expanding or upgrading your IT hardware infrastructure, your next decision is whether to lease the hardware you need or buy it outright. Regardless of which option you choose, World Data Products will help you secure the best price on the servers, storage, and networking equipment you need.


Option to Buy

Buying new IT hardware is easy and affordable when you buy from World Data Products. We stock servers, storage, and networking equipment from leading equipment manufacturers such as Cisco, Dell, HP and IBM at significant savings. Here are some of the benefits when working with us:

  • Significant savings on servers, storage and networking equipment
  • Fully cleaned, tested and refurbished systems eligible for 3rd party maintenance
  • Stringent quality control with our ISO-compliant quality management system
  • Hardware custom configured to meet your specifications
  • Next-day availability


Option to Lease

Not ready to buy? No worries, the same hardware is available for lease. Our leasing program includes:

  • Competitive 12, 24, and 36 month lease rates
  • Inclusion of software and services into lease rate for one easy payment
  • No money down leases for qualifying customers
  • Flexible upgrades throughout the lease term
  • Dollar buyout option at the end of lease
  • ISO compliant quality control standards
  • Fully cleaned, tested and refurbished systems eligible for 3rd party maintenance
  • Hardware custom-configured to meet your specifications
  • Next day availability


To learn more about our Hardware Lifecycle Management process, call 1-888-210-7636 to speak with an IT Hardware Specialist or request a complimentary, no-obligation IT hardware consultation.