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Case Studies

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The Network Solution Delivery Case Study
Explore how World Data Products, Inc. (WDPI) improved overall IT asset manageability for a network solution delivery company Download this case study to learn more.

WDPI Bails Out Major U.S. IT Hardware Distributor
When the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) couldn’t supply the necessary upgraded servers for a new  application launch, a leading IT hardware distributor turns to World Data Products (WDPI) to keep its application upgrade on schedule. Download this case study to learn more.

$1 Million in IT Hardware Savings
Enterprise networking company saves $1 million in IT hardware costs and manages total lifecycle of all hardware and networking equipment from purchase through to disposal. Download this case study to learn more.

Healthcare Company Saves $8 Million
By using WDPI to source refurbished IT hardware, a healthcare company realizes savings of $8 million on their IT hardware spend. Download this case study to learn how they did it.

Retail Pharmacy Saves $3.5 Million With Refurbished IT Hardware
Retail pharmacy realizes savings of $3.5 million by partnering with World Data Products to source refurbished IT hardware. Download this case study to learn more.